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The Kinross-shire Tourism Forum

The Kinross-shire Partnership has re-established a tourism group in Kinross-shire given that one of the main

objectives of the Partnership is ‘ to identify, promote and encourage opportunities of economic and tourist development in Kinross-shire’.

If all the tourism businesses work together we can successfully promote the area to a wide audience both at home and abroad.

Kinross-shire is an area of outstanding natural beauty and wildlife. We need to make sure that all visitors know what Kinross-shire has to offer.

A new website using the brand Visit Loch Leven has been established to give visitors more information about what is available around Loch Leven

and encouraging them to stay longer in the area.

To find out more contact Karen Grunwell tel 07865193844 or

Kinross-shire Partnership Ltd.

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Registered in Scotland (No SC 190362)
Registered Office: 40 High Street, Kinross, KY13 8AN